Youth Mind Builders

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At Youth Mind Builders Academy we understand that every participant is different. The time frame for recovery might be one way for one teen and much longer for another. However, there is a process in which every student goes through in Youth Mind Builders Academy. The program is made up of Eight curriculum stages. Our therapists and our field staff are cognizant of these steps and help to create a smooth transition from one stage of treatment to the next.

One of the biggest proponents of Our therapy Programs is the idea that we make sure our participants move past that “wake-up call” stage. Instead of it being the culmination of therapy, we consider this the first benchmark to achieve.

It’s kind of a known stereotype that teens often think the world revolves around their tiny sphere of existence. When our participants are entered in the small community dynamics of the Academy, they learn to take responsibility for themselves. They are no longer able to push the blame or push the liability for troubled behaviors on someone else. They come to realize that their old way of viewing the world is flawed.

Once this light bulb goes on, we are able to move forward with the actual changing of unwanted behaviors. At this stage, working through the treatment process becomes more than a cognitive exercise in debate and requires an integration of mind, soul, and body. It provides an opportunity for troubled teens to begin constructing an identity. This identity is based upon their own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Some participants come to this realization early on, while others take longer to grasp the concept. This is one of the reasons we allow flexibility in length of stay. Those who have relied too heavily on their outside world for meaning, usually require a longer period of treatment.

Typically by the third or fourth week in the program, participants have adapted to their new environments. By adjusting to the rigor of nature, they are then able to focus on recovery. Emphasis is placed on setting and making treatment goals. Teens at this stage also learn how to appropriately solve their initial behavioral and familial problems. There becomes a sense of community and trust between participants, field staff, and clinical staff. Participants are given leadership roles to facilitate responsibility for someone other than themselves. They are learning the power of teamwork and the necessity of individual contribution.

Each stage of the Youth Mind Builders Therapy Program helps boost confidence and provide, not just a change in behavior, but a change of heart. Our process is supported by research and hundreds of recovered teens. The team is here and waiting to improve the lives of your teen and your family.