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GROUP THERAPY Helping Communities Come Together

Our Group therapy is an integral part of Our Academic Program. Weekly therapy sessions are conducted with our clinical team, along with various field staff therapy sessions on a more frequent basis. Our field staff facilitates group meetings on multiple areas (typically pertaining to whatever activity is happening) each allowing the participants to understand the purpose behind what they are doing at that time. This allows teens to process and internalize what skills are being taught to them. They can ask questions and glean insight from these group sessions. Teens are able to initiate group discussions whenever they feel necessary.

Many truths can be learned through group therapy. Some of the topics discussed include the development and maintaining of healthy relationships, problem-solving, and the understanding of behavior (psychoeducational evaluation). Peer lead groups can also help participants give proper feedback for each other. When working so closely with others, participants can see how their actions affect those around them. Providing these assessments of one another allows for the growth of an individual and the group as a whole.

One of the main purposes of group therapy as a whole is to illicit genuine responses from their changing environment. Interpreting their experiences in Youth Mind Builders Group therapy program is a first step on the recovery path. Challenging and confronting their preconceived behaviors allows for emotional growth. Showing emotions and then learning where those feelings come from leads to necessary changes.