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Helping Families Come Together​
The importance of family is a crucial element at Youth Mind Builders Academy. The goal of Family therapy Program is to be able to heal, not only the participant, but the family as well. We set out to bring families back together. Family Therapy allows unique treatment called Youth Mind Builders Academy Family Therapy Program where participants interact with their families through weekly letters and narrative writing assignments. These narratives serve several purposes. Therapist are able to gauge a parent’s desire to help their teen heal. Parents are able to communicate their side of the story to their teens in a non-judgemental and loving way. These narratives are introduced to the teen at specific times during their recovery, ensuring that they are in the right mind space to be able to hear and comprehend their parent’s concerns. Youth Mind Builder’s Family Therapy Program is unique to Youth Mind Builders and we believe it to be a crucial step toward long-lasting recover.